Who is Your Girl Friday Marketing Solution?

Julie & Angela

Julie: Hey Angela, I thought we should kick off our first blog by answering the question ”Who are the two good lookin ladies starting a marketing firm in Redding?” (Not trying to sound narcissistic. If I do just reel me back in!)

Angela: I like it! Let’s start with you. Give everyone your background.

Julie: Well, I was born a very loud girl in Portland, OR. and if I wasn’t getting in trouble for talking too loud, I was trying to read anything I could get my hands on (and understand). I started at Mt. Hood Community College and then transferred to Portland State University to pursue my life long dream of doing what I had been doing so well up until that moment: “SPEECH COMMUNICATION”!

Before I was done with my senior year of college I was snatched up by a radio station and had a wonderful honor and title besotted to me: Youngest Marketing Director for a Top 25 Radio Market! Not gonna lie, I was scared and I pushed every day to prove to those around me that I was worth the title- and I did.

I worked in Portland radio for 5 years before moving to the wonderful city of Redding, CA. I immediately retained a job for Regent Broadcasting as Marketing Director for its 6 stations. I worked at Regent off and on for the next few years, learning not only marketing, but also on-air, scheduling commercials and copy writing. I also went to work at a T-shirt shop selling advertisements on apparel. In 2007, I helped launch (and name) a dream come true, where I have been VP of Marketing for over 4 years.

OK, enough about my work past! What brought you to Redding and where are you from originally?

Angela: Wow! Where do I start?

I’ve always loved writing and I’ve always been a great communicator, so when I was trying to pick a career path that would fit my skill sets, public relations called my name! I began working for a lobbying firm in downtown Sacramento when I was 17 and by 18 I was testifying on legislation in front of the Assembly and Senate. I was having fun but I knew that I needed to go to college before I lost myself in a career.

I started at Sierra College in Rocklin, CA then transferred to CSU Chico. Believe it or not, I did not choose Chico State for it’s notorious party scene. I chose it because 20 years ago, it began one of the first student-run public relations agencies in the nation, called Tehama Group Communications. By my senior year, I was TGC’s general manager, overseeing 16 account executives, 3 graphic designers and 10 paying clients. Can you say “learning experience”? And I loved every minute of it!

After graduating in 2009, I moved to Redding, CA to take a communications job with a local non-profit. After six months, I worked my way into the positions of Donor Relations Director. During that time, I had the privilege of meeting some of Redding’s most inspiring and hard working business owners. In fact, that’s when I met you, Julie.

Julie: Awe…. When our lives changed forever!

Angela: I can honestly say, I absolutely love everything about PR… the writing, editing, strategic planning, client relations, event promotion, media relations… all of it. That’s why I’m so excited about Your Girl Friday!