New Year’s Scary Resolution

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Self Reflection…. The very words send shivers down my spine. There is nothing more frightening to me then having someone hold up a mirror and tell me all the things that might be wrong. I am flawed… we all are flawed… But instead of hiding them or ignoring them, why not embrace them. I know that in times of self-doubt the hardest thing to do is to show off your flaws.

This is true both in business and personal. Have you had a friend or a customer tell you something negative? Did you defend yourself? Did you argue back? Did you listen and try and see things from their perspective?

You will be more respected if you listen to what people have to say and give them an honest response, while offering up a solution. For most of us we watch and live in the world around us, but rarely look at how we affect that world.

My New Year’s resolution is to Listen and hear what people have to say. I know some of my faults and I choose to work daily at correcting a few of them. (Not to many at a time… I will get discouraged and I am not trying to become a saint).

As business owners maybe it is time for us to listen our customers and see if looking from their perspective we might find a new and more prosperous way to run our businesses. I know the customer is not always right.. but instead of getting defensive when attacked, why not listen and try and come up with solutions that will not only make your customer feel like they have been heard, but might cause a reform in your business for the better. We cannot please everyone, but we can show respect to everyone!

I wish everyone a VERY prosperous year!


A BIG Thanks to Essence Photography for capturing our Catalyst group inside the picture!