It’s a Hoot at Hootsuite!

HootSuite Congratulations

Today I complete my exam to become a HootSuite Certified Professional.

What Now?  Well really nothing new. I had been using HootSuite for over a year now and I am completely in LOVE with its features for helping me with my clients.

What is HootSuite and why am I even bothering telling you about this? HA HA because my dear friends this program is EASY to use and saves you time and I feel it is my civic duty to share what I have learned. In a nutshell this program allows me to setup social media posts months in advance. This allows me to help my client keep to their original marketing plan, but gives us flexibility to change or “tweak a twitter” in a moments notice.

When I started working on my clients year-long strategic plans I knew I need a program that would help me map out what the client was trying to portray online. Not only did HootSuite fit the bill, they also keep me ahead of the game with customizable reports for my clients. This is absolutely the best way to manage multiple social media accounts!

I highly recommend you take a look at HootSuite if you are constantly trying to keep up with all of your businesses social networks!

Yeah, I know.. I am giving away one of my secrets, but I can’t help that I want everyone to have the best social media experience that they can! Have a Happy Day on the Internet!