About Your Girl Friday Marketing Solution

We Are Passionate Marketing Professionals with over 15 years of experience in nearly every aspect of marketing, from strategy, advertising, communication, Social Media, P/R, Interactive, Promotional, direct marketing, research and sales.
At Your Girl Friday we move beyond ideas and step into implementation. Our brilliant team of researchers, programmers, designers and writers doesn’t only come up with the plan, we put the plan into action. We have vast expertise in the areas of:

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing Design and Delivery

Copywriting and Direct mail

Website Traffic and Statistics Analysis and Optimization

Press Releases and Public Relations

Graphic Design and Page Layout

Target Market Research

Strategic Marketing Plan Creation

Database Analysis and Baseline Development

E-Commerce Optimization

Customer Acquisition and Retention

Our diverse background is a huge asset to an individual or organization seeking assistance or a fresh approach to their marketing efforts.  We can be a sounding board, players in your team, a confidant and most of all, marketing consultants can help you through the perils and pitfalls of growing your business.